Best Choice: Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Ref 1501

If you are looking for a classic vintage Rolex to add to your collection, Rolex oyster perpetual date number 1501 is a good choice. The design can be worn daily, process and quality of Ref. 1501 provides, in spite of a vintage watch, fashion, modern appearance.

Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Ref 1501

Century 60, 70 time, in the history of the most memorable watch production cycle, provides some of the best Vintage Rolex models today. Reference 1501 to live up to. Published in the 70’s of the last century, this watch offers a classic design, is never out of date. Watch the 34 mm stainless steel waterproof, 18K gold or 18K rose gold. Multifunctional dial can be silver or black matte silver index marker. Like other data model, reference 1501 with mark at three date window, substitute index. Dial with date aperture a sapphire crystal and Cyclops window above more clearly. Tach ring, with metal oyster bracelet and screw down crown complete appearance of watches.

Rolex 1501

No. 1501 is composed of a high-end Rolex 1570 caliber automatic 26 jewel movement power. The watch also has straight escapement, shock absorber, single metal balance adjusting temperature and five position, automatic compensation free spring Breguet balance spring and precision durable microstella adjusting screw.

Rolex date 1501

Collectors who are seeking a classic vintage Rolex data model should consider the number 1501. Because the watch design can be worn on a daily basis, which can include office in almost any environment, wear, golf courses, at a board meeting, or at a formal dinner or even. 1501 classic design number, durability and accuracy, so that every day you can watch over the years.

Replica Rolex Yacht-Master 11665 Watch

Baselworld has just opened the door this morning, but the reporter, bloggers and participants are already buzzing in the latest Rolex:The Yacht-Master, insert a new “Oysterflex” is the brand in 18 karat gold bracelet with black cerachrom Everose baffle.

Replica Rolex Yacht-Master 11665

rolex Replica

Portable, rugged, ergonomic, yacht will be available in sizes 40 mm and 37 mm, diameter and 3135 automatic winding calibre 2236 automatic winding, respectively.

The Yacht Master Bracelet

Function oysterflex watch band debut, according to Rolex, as in the soft and comfortable rubber strap, but “the resistance with a metal bracelet.”

Rolex Yacht 116655 Everose gold

Oysterflex Bracelet attention watchcase and 18 carat gold buckle by metal blade flexible Everose oysterlock titanium nickel alloy, it was pouring with a durable, black elastic body resistance to environment. Bracelet features a “patent longitudinal buffer system” to stabilize the wrist watch.

Fifty degree of Grey – Replica OMEGA Speedmaster “month” gray surface

In 2014, after super coaxial escapement OMEGA took a year to launch timing “dark side of the moon”, and released second ceramic case OMEGA their super coaxial Chronograph “grey faced months”. In some ways, it is a new taste of dark side of moon, but on the other hand, it is just a popular ride.

Fifty degree of Grey – Replica OMEGA Speedmaster “month” gray surface of coaxial ceramic chronograph

A ‘dark side of the moon’ success does not make fun of. OMEGA may be 12 months or more to production? Many retailers there are dozens of people on the waiting list. Even OMEGA employees want to buy must wait a long time. After the release to get the gold popular retailers think “lucky”. So after all black ceramic OMEGA Speedmaster OMEGA Dongdong will be not at all surprising. Follow up new.

Fifty degree of Grey – OMEGA Speedmaster “month” gray surface of coaxial ceramic chronograph

The OMEGA Replica Speedmaster gray face ‘moon’ (previously known as the moon dust) is a ceramic material, it is not black, with platinum dial. In fact, not just the platinum gold dial, it is actually sandblasted platinum, here to see that OMEGA is still appearing nervous in public point, the dial also must knock on Pt950 words, some unpleasant, or lack of Patek Philippe Rolex that be like a day a few years the graceful bearing, when will like PP so tall. I is a - Tourbillon dial are not open the window.

Fifty degree of Grey – OMEGA Speedmaster “month” gray surface of coaxial ceramic chronograph

Interestingly, when I first saw ‘gray face’ of the moon, I didn’t feel amazing (but when I first saw the dark side of the moon, I have a beautiful feeling). Estimation of ‘dark side of the moon’ the full ceramic case is the first, so I am surprised. While the ‘dark side of the moon’ is the feeling of deja vu. But this watch is quite good-looking, more and more has the flavor, with gray alligator strap, presenting a unique new sexy OMEGA Speedmaster style..

Fifty degree of Grey – OMEGA Speedmaster “month” gray surface of coaxial ceramic chronograph

Yu Yuezhi’s dark face different simple appearance, this new version has some distinctive coloring. This may also explain why then have a direct appeal. To some extent, such unique dial and color makes it even more than the OMEGA Speedmaster dark side of the moon more novel.

Fifty degree of Grey – OMEGA Speedmaster “month” gray surface of coaxial ceramic chronograph

Month of the ash surface ceramic case reminds me of porcelain Chanel, although the two are different. OMEGA also did not give the name of ceramics, case is deep, highly polished grey, similar to the feeling of tungsten alloy. Production process is actually fun, ceramic shell began as white – and then think is not strange, zirconia ceramic knives in the home is white.

White ceramic case prototype OMEGA production application, then they called a special “plasma heat treatment”, put into a dark grey color processing. Interestingly, gray is not just a coating or surface treatment, but the whole shell “contracted” color. OMEGA then carefully polished watchcase, watchcase realizing surface polishing treatment and mixed – drawing surface of this ceramic case like metal OMEGA Speedmaster Chronograph coaxial escapement as.

Fifty degree of Grey – OMEGA Speedmaster “month” gray surface of coaxial ceramic chronograph

Look at the OMEGA site case samples out of place, feeling that the whole process should be the first cast zirconia powder injection of the basic shape, and then the initial sintering pressure into precise style, then through high temperature carburizing treatment generally to get black or gray color – gray ceramic actually easier to prepare, plasma heat treatment process of short time point is grey.

In contrast with the dark side of the moon, the grey version no longer like stealth, watchcase plasma treatment in the light reflecting changing levels more abundant. In addition, the platinum dial tone texture due to the overall it is shallow, undoubtedly more legible.

Fifty degree of Grey – OMEGA Speedmaster “month” gray surface of coaxial ceramic chronograph

Fifty degree of Grey – OMEGA Speedmaster “month” gray surface of coaxial ceramic chronograph

Like other OMEGA Speedmaster paragraph, the watch size is 44.25 mm wide, very beautiful. I still loved convex sapphire crystal bowl type bottom cover, allowing the full view appreciation movement. Another interesting detail is the mark and symbol watch tachymeter scale on the rim are luminous.

Fifty degree of Grey – OMEGA Speedmaster “month” gray surface of coaxial ceramic chronograph

Watch built-in OMEGA self-produced 9300 coaxial automatic chronograph movement. We have discussed in detail the movement, so I’m not going to take this opportunity to explain again. I just want to say, this is OMEGA the best movement in the production, and provides 12 hour chronograph sub dials the two.

Fifty degree of Grey – OMEGA Speedmaster “month” gray surface of coaxial ceramic chronograph

Gray is a all-match colors, this is an out and out of the grey watch (although dial movement is also some red font oh). We see a prototype wrist watch. Also did not match the bottom cover, the top or the “dark side of the moon” message — I guess it’s laser etching machine code inside haven’t change, official estimates available will be changed to “gray face” month.

The Rolex Submariner 16803

The Rolex Submariner Date 16803 was launched around 1984, but was only produced until about 1988. This particular Rolex Replica model is special because it is one of the transitional models that introduced the sapphire crystal to Rolex watches. The 16803 also serves as Rolex’s first two-tone Submariner model.

rolex sub reference 16803

The Rolex Submariner 16803 offers a 40.5 mm by 13.3 mm stainless steel case with a contrasting 18k yellow gold bezel and screw down crown. The aesthetically pleasing two-toned look of the stainless steel and 18k yellow gold continues to the Rolex Fliplock bracelet. The watch’s dial is usually found in a striking black or blue with baton and dot markers as opposed to numerals. A square date window takes the place of the 3 o’clock marker, and is accentuated by a Cyclops lens on the watch’s newly introduced sapphire crystal.

rolex sub 16803

As with all Submariner models, the 16803 offers water resistant features. However, this particular watch offers an increase of 100 meters to the old Submariner’s water resistance rate. With older Submariner models, the highest water resistance level yet reached was 200 meters. The Submariner 16803 increased the water resistance rating to an impressive 300 meters.

rolex bracelet & clasp ref 16803

Despite its many new advances, the line was ended in 1988 with the introduction of the Rolex Submariner 16613. This model updated the 16803’s 3035 movement with a 3135 movement. This updated version went on to be produced for the next 20 years.

bezel & dial rolex submariner 16803

Transitional watch models are often produced for only a short time. Because the Rolex Submariner 16803 was only produced for 4 or so years, it makes it a rare model. Rare models watches are likely to continue to go up in value, not only as a rare example of Rolex craftsmanship but also as a piece of Rolex history. It is safe to say that Rolex Submariner 16803s do not come on the market that often. When looking for the perfect Submariner timepiece to add to your watch collection, be sure to consider the rare and impressive Rolex Submariner Date 16803.

Paul Newman sporting his Rolex Daytona

The recent acquisition of  Replica Rolex Daytona 6265 has revealed an interesting racing and a tie the wearer of the famous Paul Newman in the history of the Rolex.

In the middle of the America raceway

The previous owner “Geoff said,” in the 70’s of the last century, his father would take him to the raceway USA central, he was driving “awesome” Datsun 24oz.

Paul Newman wore  Replica Rolex Daytona

At that time, Geoff’s father Bob sharp racing related, racing to the actor Paul Newman on many occasions pleasure. Like Paul Newman, Geoff’s father owned a Rolex Daytona, he always wore when the car.

Geoff’s father’s racing rival Paul Newman in the local track

Paul Newman and Rolex Daytona

Geoff in his father’s car

Paul Newman is a famous actor and later racer who owe wearing Rolex daytona. The initial inspiration Rolex Daytona from racing, is specially designed for lovers. Even the name “Daytona” said car, to watch named Rolex famous sponsored “Rolex 24 Daytona” racing incident. The rarest and most sought after Daytona watches are those in the original version, have four digit number. This includes the reference 6238623962406241626262636264, and 6265. These references 1961 and 1987 between.

Rolex Daytona wrist

It was very nice to Geoff is learning to watch his father’s history. We spent a lot of time to all the memories, in his father’s daytona.

Rolex Daytona ref 6265

Geoff Rolex Daytona ref 6265

Geoff’s father watches are Rolex Daytona No. 6265. This is a very high reference value rare Collector’s works. However, this is not a Paul Newman Tonna because it does not have the Paul Newman dial.

Old Rolex Daytona 6265

Paul Newman old Rolex Daytona

Although the dial-up, Daytona REF 6265 as Paul Newman Tonna in other ways. Whether it is the use of diameter 727, 17 Jewel movement. Two dial function three engine to small seconds sub dial, 30 minutes and 12 hours of register. Oyster shell with a stainless steel screws, tighten the two round crown and a timing button. Although not see Paul Newman Daytona, these early antique Daytona watch is one of the most worthy of collection of watches made by Rolex.

Daytona is a practical Racer Geoff father tool watch. Distribution function and reliable Rolex will let him keep accurate circle.

Replica Rolex watches the phases of the moon

Replica Rolex watches the phases of the moon

In its long history, there are two important Rolex release on the phases of the moon. A little is known of the - Reference Model for release in 1949 8171. Vintage this important is a three date moon phase watch and watch, I originally available steel or gold. This is an is a very rare collectors of as only about 1000 on these special homemade.

Rolex Replica watch moon phase mode

Because of the S EN earned of the at large nickname 38mm, synchronous which means “big frying pot dish”. Rolex “dish of tea” was created with REF 8171 phases of the moon back to the room card and engraved and the serial number and the Rolex crown. Unfortunately he / she is rare today, see the usually the examples to such that been polished extent are often to read the is an engravings hard disk or disappear completely. Many examples also have a replaced house back. It is hard to with this to find that is on the engravings with reference coupler completely the original still readable.

Sports watch moon

Inside the features, 2-95 Jeweled CPL in the observation of a large caliber automatic movement. This double movement of offers is very complex and shows apertures days and months. Dial in subsidiary for seconds for is the moon phase scallops and gilded hand, outer ring for the date and the date of. In and “an very complicated watches, it is aesthetically pleasing is also. Lovely blue offers the phase openings in the background of the moon and the gold. Tea in the features of white dial offers crisp and easy to Reed, although it offers the many.

One of rolex’S the most rare and collectable creations

Rolex watch moon phase reference application

Reference 8171 Rolex watches the phases of the moon

Rolex watch moon phase 8171 is the food REF and rare timepiece ANN is very complex. A occasionally appears on the Market for salt. Recently ref 8171 hands, at a Sotheby’s auction for $55000. Prized this is for its rarity timepiece education, complexity and scale. If you are serious about beautiful collector and AS AS the history of a rare Rolex watches, Rolex and opt for the valuable 8171 REF moon dish.

How to Solve the Replica Rolex Watches Run Fast or Slow

Though  Replica Rolex is known for the clock precision and excellent, every mechanical watch, at some point, slow or speed up. Mechanical watches, like made by Fake Rolex, by adjusting the hairspring. Rolex Replica Watches uses a hairspring precision engineering parachrom. Look at their action type COSC certification means that the watch will deviate from less than 4 to 6 seconds.

Watch movement Fake Rolex

There are several reasons, your watch may run fast or slow. The change of velocity was greatly influenced by the activity scale deposit. If you wear your watch in an active day, this is likely to depend on the day when you see the small action, such as sitting in your dresser. Temperature, either too hot or too cold, will also affect the accuracy of watches.

The reliability of your Rolex’s impact is the long time service. If your watch is slow, probably because it needs a good cleaning. When you have your Rolex services, registered member and will take it apart, clean, to ensure the accuracy specification, and then put it back together. Suggest that you should pay attention to adjust every 2 to 7 years, or when it started to run slowly.

Rolex watches

Rolex Replica

If you notice your watch is fast, it is possible to be magnetized, the balance spring. Powerful magnets can be found in many places, such as in some audio and notebook computer. When a balance spring will be magnetized, the coil stick together, thus shortening the balance spring and the accelerometer. Although this sounds good, it is a famous clock services easy to solve. Rolex is also trying to through the development of hairspring, will be difficult to reduce this risk.

Crown retro reference 1500

Rolex Replica Watches

In addition to let you watch repair or repair, also have some skills, you can try to adjust yourself to see. Have a great influence on the precision of gravity watch. If your watch is faster, to watch the vertical side button down. If your watch is slow down, flat, dial up. The watch is positioning way will allow it to use the gravity balance personnel friction. Although these simple techniques will not be able to precisely adjust your Rolex, they can help you adjust the watch accuracy enough for you until you can get a normal service.